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12:16pm 10-02-2017
Donna Flores Smith
I have been following some of the information on SAVE THE ALAMO and plans of Bush the TX Land Commissioner. I hope that in the near future you or the members of the Seguin family can update this web site. I know it takes time but as it stands it represents the Seguin Family and its heritage.
The NEW dates referred to as 2008 are a big clue to the lack of dedication and interest to the association. Please remove this site if not able to update.
Yes, I am a descendant of the Seguin family but do not live in the area of Seguin or San Antonio.
Regarding the SAVE THE ALAMO project, my feeling is if they want to change the name of the ALAMO call it THE ALAMO AT SAN ANTONIO DE VALERO MISSION! That should be more correct and make every body happy.
3:26pm 03-14-2017
Arlene Seguin
I would love more about my family history
10:04pm 12-03-2016
Sorry lots of typos, great grandmother and not Colorado. Not even sure how that got there.
10:02pm 12-03-2016
I am a 7th generation grandchild of Juan N. Seguin. My gratitude Grand mother was Teresa Seguin Carvajal. Can anyone help me take my family tree from her to Colorado Juan N. Seguin. Please
5:02pm 05-04-2016
Paul Taylor
As a proud (and older) Texan, the courage and example of Col. Seguin and other Tejanos has long been a part of both my history and my heritage as a Texan (even though not of my bloodline). I regret the lack of respect and the hostility that the descendants of these brave men and women had to deal with at the hands of late comers who were ignorant of the fact that there would be no Texas with Col Seguin and his fellow Tejanos. I also honor the memory of Ignacio Zaragoza. Had he and his men not delayed the French occupation of Mexico City by nearly two and a half years, the American Civil War may have turned out differently. Both men set shining examples for all men of conviction.
10:41am 04-08-2016
8:55pm 03-18-2016
Please contact me. I'm a 5th great grandchild of both Juan and Liondes Seguin. Juan's through his oldest son Jose Erasmo Seguin. I'm interested in discovering truths about my ancestry.
12:27pm 03-07-2016
Ruben. Villarreal
Just found my great great family history, My relatives are from Rio Grande City, buried at the VELA RANCH in STARR COUNTY, Grandpa is VILLARREAL & GRANDMA is RAMIREZ,
11:57am 02-15-2016
Michael Seguin
Hello, my name is Michael Seguin. My father is Peter Seguin Jr., my grandfather was Peter Seguin Sr. and my great grandfather was Guillermo Seguin. My father was born in San Antonio, and lived there until he was 7 years old. At which time they moved to Los Angeles, CA. Guillermo Seguin was the grandson to Juan N Seguin.
I was recently told that in April there is a festival of some kind, celebrating the Texas Revolution. If possible I was hoping for some info on that event. Thanks in advance.
6:45pm 01-11-2016
My descendents are from the Canary Islands that first came to San Antonio, Tx My Great Great Grandfather was Judge JM Rodriquez. Part of the Niz/Rodriquez family and Juan Bautista Courbiere.
10:56pm 07-07-2015
Jesus Becerra
Want to learn more about this history
6:15pm 05-27-2015
Edward Ramos II
I'm reading A Revolution Remembered The memoirs and selected correspondence of Juan N Seguin. I don't remember reading much or at all about Juan N. Seguin in school which is disheartening. I think he and the Tejanos don't get the credit they deserve. I'm glad to be finally learning all I can about him and the deep history of Texas and especially the Tejanos. Texas owes a great deal of gratitude to the Tejanos for their contributions to the prosperity and culture of Texas, from agriculture to ranching and not to mention the Texas Rangers and everything in between. Thank you Juan N. Seguin for being a great man & a trail blazer & a Hero for which we can all strive to be. Long live Texas & viva Los Tejanos!
12:33am 05-26-2015
Chris A. Cadena
My dad is a descendent of Col. Seguin and Deaf Smith. We are descendants of Seguins, Casanovas and Cadenas. All families grew up around Bexar County.
9:52am 01-16-2015
Debra Gonzales
I wanted to know the other heroes who fought in the Texas Revolution. Juan Seguin history gave me a better understanding about him and his family tree.

Thank you.
10:39am 11-30-2014
isabel powell
cool website I used some of the info for a Texas history project
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