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11:49pm 03-20-2011
Hello. I am Mary Ann Trevino Salinas. I am the daughter of Ruben Trevino and Blanca Montes, granddaughter of Roman Garcia Trevino and Librada Arocha Montalvo and great granddaughter of Laguro (Lauro) Ramirez Montalvo and Librada Pena Arocha, 2nd great granddaughter of Francisco Arocha and Catarina Pena and 3rd great granddaughter of Antonio Arocha and Ysidra Seguin.
My parents, Ruben and Blanca, (and by default, me too) did over 40 years of research into both of their family trees and now I'm picking up where they left off. I grew up in Houston and recently moved to San Antonio with my husband and kids, thinking it would be a nice place to rear our family. Funny, though, I'm constantly reminded that our family has been here over 200 years. It's nice to know that all those trips to churches, old cemeteries and visiting older relatives was for a greater cause.
2:49pm 02-24-2011
my moms maiden name is seguin
and it turns out that juan seguin is my ancester
cool huh
im a sophmore at athens high school and have done alot of resurch over him
i think its so cool
8:05am 02-22-2011
Hi ,
Im RHEA CABRERA SEGUIN 31 years of age born in the Philippines married to Agnew Jacinto Mejia with only one son AJ Andrew Seguin Mejia.

I got interested to read this info since my father's family name is SEGUIN. He'S NAME is Leopoldo Soriano Seguin son of Agapito Seguin.

Believe it or not in our place most people living there are having a family name of SEGUIN.

Well, thanks for this info. Have a nice day.
11:51am 01-16-2011
Thank you for all of the helpful information on Juan Seguin and his family. I am related to our Tejano hero Juan N. Seguin and his son Juan N. Seguin Jr. by marriage. My 6th Great Grandfather, Carlos Chacon and four 1st cousins 6x removed, the Flores brothers fought with Juan Seguin at the Siege of Bexar, at a couple of them at the Battle of San Jacinto. Keep up the excellent work.

Andrew Rivera Luna
Seguin, Texas
5:50pm 10-27-2010

I wanted thank the Seguin Family for giving me the Honor to served as Juan Seguin Tejano Soldier at for 22nd Annual Gathering celebrating the 10th anniversary of dedication of the Juan Seguin Statue. For years now I have the honor to be serving the Seguin Family of my service. Juan Seguin will be and always be my Texas Independence Hero ! I'm hopeful someday to have Sons of Republic Texas Juan Seguin Chapter From Bottom of my Heart Thank you ! Texas shall be free and Independent !
Viva Tejas !
Richard Vela Kidder
1:54pm 10-05-2010
Thank you for your effort in keeping our culture as Tejanos alive it is very important that our children know from whence they come from and can find pride in doing so, likewise so that persons who are still trying to opress our people know that we have blood rights as well.Gracias Viva Tejas
6:52pm 07-03-2010
May God Bless their souls.....Viva Tejas !!!!
2:49pm 06-07-2010
my grandmother family name is benovides i am interested in this subject
1:52pm 05-27-2010
My grandmother was the daughter of Hortencia Seguin, who was Juan Seguin's daughter, her name was Elvira Torres. I have been looking into the Seguin family for quite some time. Thanks for all the wonderful information you have put together.
2:28pm 05-18-2010
I have a seguin in my family line where can I check tosee if I am related somehow?

Paul Games
3:38am 05-01-2010
Awesome website! Keep history alive for future generations!
9:26am 04-21-2010
Hey some of my family signed this guestbook ! Hey Roxanne ! Hey Anita !!... My father is Raymond G. Seguin Sr, currently residing in Austin, Texas. My grandfather was Erasmo Seguin married to Andrea Garcia. My 4 year old son is named after my grandfather Erasmo. My grandfather Erasmo passed away when I was 12 years old.
4:44pm 04-17-2010
9:36pm 03-20-2010
My GG-Grand Father Solomon W. Brill was a house guest Col. S when he came to Seguin. In November of 1837 the Col. selected him to be his personal sergent. Solomon Brill married a daughter of Sarah Hembree Day and is buried off of highway 80. There is a claim that other Texas Rangers of that time may be buried in the Solomon Brill graveyard.
10:39am 02-28-2010
My name is Taryn Seguin, My father is Robert Joseph Paul Seguin, his fathers name is Pierre A. Seguin, and his Fathers name Emile Seguin. I live in Ontario Canada, Does anyone have information on this line of Seguins?
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