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2:13pm 03-10-2009
alicia molinar
Hi. im in the 7th grade and i know my family has alot of history in the southwest. my dads family however lost the history when it died with an ancestor named little grandpa. we belive we are some type of pueblo indian but do not know which. if you can help please contact me.
2:46pm 03-08-2009
Rachel Seguin Garica
My grandfathers name is Daniel (not sure his middle name) Seguin who lived in San Antonio, TX. He past away 16years ago. I believe he was a decendant of Captain Seguin, so my mother tells me. Are we related in any way?
5:30pm 03-01-2009
My father's name is Gaspar Carvajal Sr. who passed 13 years ago has many family members that have Seguin as their sir names, I still have 2 living aunts that are Seguin and many cousins, I will contact them and send you an email
2:14pm 01-22-2009
I just found out that my great great great grandparents were both from Seguin, TX born in the mid 1840's. Their names were Saul and Rachel Wash. I really would like to find some more info on them.
11:56am 12-26-2008
Je souhaite que ce livre devienne un livre d'or.
Bravo pour ce dernier.
12:36pm 12-24-2008
Sara Suzanne Seguin

I was just stopping by to see if maybe I could find some of my genealogy, you never know who you may be related too.
5:50pm 12-03-2008
hi im in the 7th grade and i am doing an oral reading on juan jose seguin it is very nice of you to have this website so kids like me can do stuff like this so i just wanted to say thank you and GOD BLESS YOU
12:08pm 11-08-2008
Aleksandra Wagner
Interesting website. I have never been to America (I am from Poland), but I became very interested in this period of your history. I was watching "The Alamo" (2004) and I noticed, Captain Seguin was quite a distinct character there. I've liked him very much. He must have made difficult choices every time.
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