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11:54pm 10-07-2013
John Torres
This is pretty cool. I am grandson to Lucia Seguin, daughter of Daniel Seguin, son of Erasmo Seguin, son of Juan N. Seguin. Proud of my heritage.
11:38pm 10-07-2013
John T
Wow its cool to see we are all related. I am Lucia Seguin de Villegas' grandson and a few gggson's to Juan N. Seguin. this is great!!
2:07am 09-29-2013
Michael R. Seguin
Hola, Tejano Seguins!
My name is Michael R. Seguin. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is good to see that people in Texas know of Juan Seguins actual French origins. I am very proud of my ancestors's history as well. We have 2 towns in the province of Ontario with our name, Seguin, and North Seguin. My ancestor Francois Seguin, came from France in 1642. Guilluame Seguin (Juan Seguin's grandfather) was/ is also related to Francois, who was his uncle. The Seguin family split into 2 branches after 1763, when some Roman Catholics were persecuted by the English in Canada, before the Quebec Act was passed. Our branch of the Seguin stayed in Canada, and yours went to the USA, and Mexico, like Guillaume. The original French pronunciation of our family name is 'SAY-ganh', with nasal 'n', as in the spanish word 'senor'. We have a registered coat of arms in Canada, and a SEGUIN family/geneology website, 'Association de Seguin de Amerique '. There is information about Juan N. Seguin on this website also. My dear Mom and 4 sisters hope to visit Seguin, Texas, and The Alamo at some point.
Yours truly,
Michael R. ( Mike) Seguin
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
10:17pm 07-24-2013
belen ballesteros
Belen this is what my Bro has done for our family tree. I just wanted you to be a little more informed as to where the Lewis comes from. I love you girlfriend.....from E.P. TX
9:28pm 07-16-2013
ruben courvier
i have a herlinda carvajal born on 1893 died 1974. father was adolfo and mother was gertrudes seguin. born on 1-26-1858,her father was erasmo seguin born on 1829 married teresa josefa courbiere flores in 1855. i'm relating to teresa, her mother was josefa courbiere and father was andres benito courbiere who came from leon france. juan is erasmo dad.
8:55pm 07-16-2013
ruben courvier
my gggrandfather matias and antonio curbier were soldier under juan seguin command during the battle of san jacinto. other soldier was abrosio courbiere rodriguez. courbiere female were married to soldier like losoya, manuel flores, and antonio peres.

10:34pm 06-19-2013
ruben courvier
my ancestors is andres benito courbiere. the last name has changed numerous times. courbiere families married to the seguin,flores,casanova families. teresa josefa courbiere flores seguin is one of them and miguela courbiere casanova is anther one. i live in san antonio other relatives live in floresville.
1:10pm 03-04-2013
James William Seguin
I sat down at the same dinner table and European "china" cabinet that Juan Nepomuceno Seguin and his family ate his meals; and so, I walked in the hallway that displayed his coat of arms, saber and uniform, as well as centuries' old portraits and family tree, all in Historic Cuautla of Morelos, Mexico. These antiques were in the care of my Uncle Jose Seguin, who as the eldest, inherited these relics from my grandfather. The reason these historical treasures were so far south is that Uncle Joe lived and worked as a civil engineer in the Districto Federal and his wife or my Aunt Henrietta worked as a communications supervisor in the American Embassy. Cuautla was just their second "weekend" home to relax at the bottom of El Popocatépetl. They both retired there and so did these antiguedades de mis antepasados. Henrietta died, my Uncle Joe remarried and had another son who resides with the remaining relics, I suppose, for we have never met....all my dad inherited were some paintings and many, many books that have crumbled with time. However, I do have the Colonel's original portrait of himself in his early sixties or so.
Your relative in Christ,
5th Generation Seguin
7:01pm 02-23-2013
Beverly McHargue
Hi, my name is Beverly J. McHargue, but my maiden name is Beverly Jean Seguin and I have been told I am a descendant of Captain Juan N. Seguin. My dad's name is Lloyd H. Seguin my grandfather on my dad's side is Dee Seguin and he married his third cousin Della Rodriguez which was my grandmother. They had 3 children a daughter named Ann Seguin a son named Roger Seguin and my dad Lloyd H. Seguin. I would like to see how I am related to Juan N. Seguin. My grandfather Dee Seguin did not want anything to do with his Seguin Heritage! I am not sure why but that is why I do not know much about the Seguin Heritage. I want to find out more, my Uncle Roger still lives in San Antonio, Texas He and his wife Grace had 4 boys. Their names are Steven Seguin, David Seguin, Keith Seguin and Rusty Seguin. Rusty Seguin also still lives in San Antonio, Texas. I have 1 brother his name is Jeffery Scott Seguin and 1 sister her name is Cynthia Lynn Seguin. You can call me at my home or email me. My phone number is 1-903-362-3127. Oh I was born December 17, 1959 in San Antonio, Texas. I hope to here from someone! Oh by the way I love all of what was posted on this site!
8:17pm 01-13-2013
ruben courvier
my gggrandfather matias curbier and his brother were soldiers under juan seguin command. ancestor-teresa josefa courbiere flores was married to erasmo seguin in 1855. they had 7 children. matias and teresa are 1st cousins.
7:04pm 08-25-2012
alberto f arocha
my great grandfather was francisco arocha borned 1852 son of antonio arocha and maria ysidra seguin
12:55am 07-30-2012
My moms maiden name is Seguin, and it turns out Juan Seguin is my so many greats grandfather. I know this becauae my uncle did a family tree and found Juan Seguin. Ii find all of this very interesting.(:
3:00am 04-30-2012
Joel Herrera
Herlinda Carvajal Herrera is my great grandmother. Cant wait to see how Im related to Juan Seguin.
11:15am 06-02-2011
Joseph C Herrera
Beatrice (Beatrix) Montalvo was my grandfathers grandmother! I am very interested in the entire family. It was very surprising to me. Another relative is Christoval Flores married Maria Gertudis De Lara and had a daughter named Maria Francisca Navarro Flores De Lara who married Hermeregildo Seguin Ramos and had (11) eleven children fifth generation of Seguin Family.
2:41pm 03-23-2011
Beatris Pozos Vargas
Hi. My grandmother was Herlinda Carvajal Herrera and mothers name was Carmen Carvajal Herrera.I would like more information on my ancestors on Juan Seguin
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